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In this series, I use the images of “i piagliacci,” i.e., the clowns, to express universal themes and struggles, including, life's constant uncertainties, fears and yet, hope.  Many of the pieces specifically focus on the classical archetype of Pedrolino, most notably known as Pierrot, who was a pantomime stock character of the Italian Commedia dell’arte.  Iconic in nature, Pierrot is the sad and naïve soul, often the butt of pranks, who is constantly in pursuit of the unrequited love of Columbine.  Yet he is eternally trusting and dreaming.


These characters are my alter egos, my vehicles to artistically express my intimate subjective human emotions and experiences, which are tangible to everyone.  Quoting David Bowie, "I'm Pierrot," I'm Everyman."  As such, through simple settings and placement of my alter egos, expressed are my often naïveté feelings and soulful sensitivities on the human topics of love, sexuality, grief, desire, passion, deception, fear, disappointment, alienation and loneliness. 

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