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borgo fantasma
Vecchio Romagnano al Monte


A full length documentary, directed, filmed, edited and produced by Rosaria Vigorito, about an abandoned mountain town in the Campania region of Italy as told by its images and its relocated people.


As a result of an earthquake in 1980, its people chose to relocate rather than rebuild, and hence, started a new town bearing the same name (without the vecchio, which means old). However, the old Romagnano carries the character of its ancestors and still stands among its breathtaking vista, awaiting the day of its renaissance.


In addition to this documentary, twenty three photographs, were exhibited in various venues, including the Italian American Museum, the Garibaldi Meucci Museum, CUNY School of Law, various galleries in NYC, and Philadelphia and in Italy.  These photos are available, for exhibition or sale, upon agreed upon arrangements.

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