AESTUS ... passionate fire​


I am an Italian-American, a lesbian, a retired NY lawyer and law librarian professor, and an ovarian cancer survivor, but my calling is that of an artist. After a long hibernation, I rediscovered my childhood passion for art as an adult. Once reawakened to my innate passion, which I call my second coming out, I studied with various accomplished figurative artists in New York City, and went on to formalize my training by receiving my MFA from the Graduate School of Figurative Arts of the New York Academy of Art, in 2003. Following in the example of one of my inspirations, i.e., Picasso, with his perchance to reinvention and bold experimentation, my versatility extends to painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and the focus of my more recent works, innovative digital mixed media collage – which incorporates the fusion of elements taken from different media, both non-digital and digital, and their manipulation in computer post-production. ­ Regardless of medium, I subscribe to the philosophy that art serves as a bridge from our primal essence to our higher selves, and to the divine. As such, my “aestus,” or passionate fire, and underlying motivation is to produce works intended to stimulate the senses, provoke emotional responses, elevate the spirit, and address issues dear to me. 

Rosaria Vigorito


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