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Rosaria Vigorito

AESTUS ... passionate fire​


“Art elevates us, as we recognize that even during the present pandemic art’s relevance, importance, and transcendent nature.  Art sustains and nourishes our spirit and essence. With art we are inspired, without art we merely exist.”


I am an Italian-American, a lesbian, a retired NY lawyer and law librarian professor, and an ovarian cancer survivor, but my calling is that of an artist.  I rediscovered my childhood passion for art as an adult, which I call my second coming out.  I feel indebted to the amazing artists I studied with in NYC, including those from the NY Academy of Figurative Arts, where I received an MFA. 


As for philosophy, I believe art is not just about pretty pictures.  Art should also be on the edge and push the societal bar, not for the mere sake of getting attention for attention’s sake, but as fulfilling a fundamental function of the artist as messenger, philosopher and empath.  This role includes, to challenge our known perception and preconceived notions, and to dare to be raw, emotional, psychological, sensual, spiritual and provocative.  


My approach is primarily the use of fragmentation, the movement of line and the application of bold colors.  By pushing their limits visually and metaphorically, I explore the internal and external workings of the human psyche and essence in my works.  The bare essence of the fragment -- abstracted, shredded, eroded, yet substituting for the whole.  The line, in turn, allows for the abstract yet relatable emergence of the figures, providing movement, energy and vitality, as well.  At stake are issues such as that of our temporal, spiritual and psychological natures, and the essence that makes us energy in motion.

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