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Two Spirit

Two Spirit Digital photographic collage “Two-spirited” or “two-spirit” usually indicates a Native person who feels their body simultaneously manifests both a masculine and a feminine spirit, or a different balance of masculine and feminine characteristics than usually seen in masculine men and feminine women.“ Quoting Wikipedia

Although I could have also called this piece, self-portrait … 😊, it addresses the issue of androgyny. In truth, we all have female and male traits. The balance of these traits are on a spectrum, varying with each individual, in different ways. Androgyny, as I define it for myself, is to recognize and honor the equal fluency of my feminine and masculine energies. I am a biological female, who is 100% female biologically identified. However, I recognize and nurture the masculine energy within me. It is a strong driving force, of equal weight, to its counterpart.

I express my androgyny in many ways. Although, oftentimes, it is reflected in my attire. For example, I love to play with a more masculine outer attire, including men’s shoes, tailored shirts, and an occasional tie. But I always balance it, such as with feminine undergarments and lipstick. Watch any sappy movie with me and you’ll see my feminine side. Lol … There is a constant and fluent balance of the two equally present energies, as that is my comfort zone. Not too feminine, but also not too masculine. This is what works for me. That is how I define my personal androgyny, or more aptly here, my "two spirit.”

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